Red Hot Fire Truck Events, LLC (RHFTE), is a Limited Liability Company registered with the Secretary of State of Georgia. RHFTE operates as a service provider for the general public and others seeking the services of fire truck apparatus for a variety of events. (The listing of events and services provided vary and can be found on the Events & Pricing page.)

Employees are responsible for their conduct and behavior, both during and outside of RHFTE events. All employees are screened, including being checked through the State of Georgia’s Crime and Information Center (GCIC)

RHFTE have written guidelines for what activities, requests, and behaviors are generally acceptable, keeping in line with safe operations. It is understood all fire apparatus and firefighting equipment have some inherent risk with activities involving fire vehicles and gear, including, but not limited to, slips and falls from the trucks or while wearing equipment, bumps and bruises (resulting from slips, falls, or impacts into or from falls or bumping into the trucks or equipment, items dropped onto feet, or conduct of other participants), tripping while wearing the firefighting helmets, coats or equipment, slips in liquids that may drip from or be discharged during an event or equipment (water, vehicle fluids, etc.), running around or near the equipment, horseplay, the actions of other guests or participants, etc.

At RHFTE each Employee is responsible for reasonably ensuring the safety and comfort of those participating to the best of their ability, however, parents, guardians and event sponsors have a shared responsibility in supervising their children, guests, or attendees.


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