Kids Fire Hats - $2.00 ea.

We provide high quality firefighter helmets that are heavy duty plastic and a customized RHFTE logo on the front for all to see. With the red logo on the front these helmets look great and are sure to impress all your event guests. One size fits all (children) and are a fantastic item for them to remember their party experience.


Goody Bags - $5.00 ea.

Our goody bags are part of our Birthday Party package but these can be added on to any event as additional party favors. They contain some great fire themed items such as: Fire Fighter Coloring Book and Crayons, Plastic Child Badge, Fire Fighter Stickers, Fire Fighter Tatoo, Lolli-Pop, Fire Fighter Sticker Badge, and a pack of Smarties. Sixteen goody bags are included with the Five Alarm Fun Package under Birthdays, so each additional child should have one added to your package.

Kids Firefighter Gear - $100.00 set

What better way to let your Birthday Boy/Girl feel like a real Firefighter by getting them dressed up in their own gear. If you thought having us there would be some great picture opportunities, just wait until they put on the Fire Fighter Gear, it just doesn't get any better!! COMING SOON... black suits, baby blue/pink (girls), as well as Toddler and Infant products.

We order these at the size you need for your child and typically we request a 2-week notice for delivery prior to your event. We also carry 4 different size suits on the truck if you want to have them try it on first. We DO bring these to the party for all the children (4) to try on and wear during the festivities.

(includes Hat, Heavy Duty Jacket, and Bib-Pants with Overalls; No boots)

Kids COMPLETE Firefighter Gear - $130.00 set

Includes Hat, Heavy Duty Jacket, and Bib-Pants with Overalls AND boots.

Rubber Firefighter Boots - $40.00 pair

These look like the real thing and are great for both dress-up play and for every day use as Rain Boots. The boots have a small rubber pull-up ring at the top for easy put on at any age. They really look great!


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