When was the last time you can remember driving in your car and passing a Fire Truck and either you or your child didn't say "FIRE TRUCK!!" Well that's the whole idea. Now let's take it one step further and let your child BE the Fire Fighter. They can take a ride, blow the horn, sound the siren, and see the lights flashing above. We'll let them dress up in the gear, play with the hoses, shoot the water, and really see what it's like.

Our Fire Trucks are bright RED and very noticeable from all around. What better way to get the attention of all your guests than when we arrive in front of your home with sirens blaring and lights flashing! You know we're coming and so will everyone else. We guarantee a child friendly event that will be sure to impress your guests of ALL ages. Typically parents want a ride too, and we love the attention and opportunity to offer that as well at no additional cost to the host.


Pricing - (Travel Fee's Not Included)

  • $225 for the first hour Including a fire truck ride(minimum)
  • $125 per hour each additional hour (half-hour increments are okay at $75)
  • Additional Options:

  • $50 Fire Truck Ride (2 hrs. Max)
  • $50 Squirt water from fire hose (500 gal. max)
  • $50 Pinata w/ assorted candies
  • $50 Jr. firefighter gear try-on (4 to 8 sets available)
  • For more information or questions about birthday parties, please contact us.

    "5-ALARM FUN" $500 + travel fee('s)

    This package includes the following for up to 16 children:

  • 1.5 hours "On-Scene" time
  • Fire Truck Ride for ALL guests and parents (if desired)
  • Squirt Water from the truck using the REAL fire hose
  • Kids size Jr. firefighter gear
  • Fire Truck Pinata
  • Fire Helmets - CUSTOM with RHFTE Logo
  • Goody Bags - FIRE SAFETY THEMED (Crayons, Coloring book, Stickers, Temp Tattoo, Bookmark/Ruler, Jr. Firefighter badge)
  • Add On's:

  • Extra Time - $ 50.00 every quarter hour
  • RHFTE Helmets - $2.00 ea
  • Extra Goody Bags ONLY - $5.00 ea
  • PURCHASE Child Size Firefighter Gear (Helmet, Coat, Pants, Boots and Gear Bag)- $ 130.00
  • We can accommodate birthday parties of any size. If you will have more than 16 children in attendance, please contact us for pricing.

    A travel fee('s) will apply to all events. This is necessary to cover the cost of fuel at today's prices and travel time. These surcharges are based on the approximate out-of-pocket cost to arrive to your event from our station, taking into account the average truck's fuel efficiency. $1.00 a mile round trip from Woodstock, GA. The travel time is applied for any distance over 1 hour round trip, to cover additional driver time.


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